Fun retirement activities

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Fun retirement activities and more

Retirement means that my wife and I are now busier than ever. No matter how busy we are, though, we make certain we have time for ourselves. And the more I think about it, the more fun activities I’m finding for us to choose from.

But we didn’t wait until I was retired to get out and have fun. We were active long before I thought about retiring. Now that I’m retired, though, we have a lot more flexibility.

Here’s a partial list of things we do to keep active.

1. First and foremost – serving God!

We are members of an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. Thankfully, years before I retired, my schedule allowed my wife and me to attend church faithfully – Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. As our schedule allowed, we also helped out with special activities our church hosts throughout the year.

Since I retired, we’ve been able to attend every special event our church hosts. This includes activities for our community and for the children we bus in every week from inner city areas.

As an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, we have several opportunities throughout the week to go soul-winning (door knocking, telling people what the Bible says about going to heaven). I go on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings when I’m not helping my wife with babysitting the grandkids.

2. Always learning in order to keep my brain active

Growing up, my dad taught me how to fix things. He never threw anything in the trash without first attempting to fix it. This often resulted in taking the item apart. Years later, I am carrying on that “tradition” and have passed it on to my son and daughter. Yes, my daughter, too.

I’ve never stopped learning new things: brick laying, car repairs, Sudoku puzzles, playing piano, to name a few. I intend to keep on learning and doing things that challenge me to think.

3. Staying physically active

There is not one day of the week in which we have nothing to do. My wife and I never just sit around all day. Even when we’re home babysitting the grandkids, we’re busy either playing with them, reading to them, cooking for them, or eating with them.

We go to Anytime Fitness (no affilitation) for our cardio workout and we use the Skogg System (no affilitation) video at home for strength. When the weather is nice and we have any of the grandkids, we head outside for a walk or just have fun in the yard.

My wife and I used to go to the driving range – you know, where you hit a bucket of golf balls and someone else picks them up? Speaking of golf, another fun activity we enjoy is Top Golf (no affilitation). It costs a bit more than going to the driving range, but it’s a lot of fun, especially with four or more people (note: I only promote the golfing at Top Golf, not the drinking).

4. Travel – we love to travel

When my mom was still alive, we spent our yearly vacations visiting her and my sisters and their families in Michigan. We took mini vacations, too – day trips, sometimes overnight trips – but that was it other than going on a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary.

When the weather is nice and we’re not babysitting, we sometimes take a mini vacation – a day trip. The list is virtually endless. The last time we took a day trip, we decided on the spur of the moment to visit the zoo in that city. We love to walk around.

There are so many things to see and do in the United States alone. We enjoy watching Rick Steves’ shows. Oh that we had the time and money to see all the places he’s been to.

5. Read, write, volunteer

Now and then I’ll find myself reading something on the Internet. Other than that, my reading is limited to:

  • my Bible,
  • Bible commentaries,
  • books written by Godly men.

I also enjoy writing for this blog. And every other month or so I write notes of encouragement to some teen boys at our church.

I volunteer locally by serving on a municipal board. That has been quite educational for me.

Recently I started donating blood again. Blood donations aren’t high on my list of things to do, but there is no reason I cannot give. The slight discomfort I experience for 10 minutes is well worth it, knowing it may save someone’s life.

Closing thoughts

Whether you are retired or still working, I trust this list will get you to thinking about the many things you can do rather than just sit around the house. Certainly if you’re working, there will be times you want to come home and do nothing. But I encourage you to make time in your week for God, your family and yourself. Once today is over, you can’t have it back.

Hey, how about you? I’d sure love to hear from you. Please take a minute and post your comments, questions, ideas, and recommendations below. I’ll be sure to get back with you.

All the best,

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