Lifetime Adventure Tower – A Grandpa’s Review

Lifetime Adventure Tower

Product: Lifetime Adventure Tower, Model 90440

Price (at time of this review): $ 1,799.99 from Lifetime

Cheapest Places to Buy (at time of this review):

  • Sam’s Club $1,399
    • Membership required
    • Store pick-up
  • Amazon (price varies – check Amazon for additional savings)
    • Shipping cost figured at check-out

Warranty: 5-year limited factory warranty

  • Dated receipt required along with photos of damaged part(s). Be sure to keep your receipt in a safe place.


  • Lifetime’s Website: 4.7 out of 5 (110 out of 138 total reviews were 5-star)
  • Amazon: 4.6 out of 5
  • Personal (my rating): 5 out of 5


In the summer of 2017, our granddaughter was three years old and our grandson was not yet one. We had a few little play things in our back yard but nothing to really blog about. Our grandkids’ other grandparents had an in-ground pool installed. We had nothing to speak of.

We weren’t in the market for a pool, but we knew we had to have something for the kids to play on. My wife immediately began her search for just the right thing. She found it – the Lifetime Adventure Tower! And it was on sale at Sam’s Club.

Our son has a truck and muscles, so my wife bribed him to pick it up for us (it doesn’t take much – a brisket, in this case). He and the workers at Sam’s Club loaded the large, heavy boxes on his truck, and my son and I unloaded it in my garage.

That was in the fall of 2017. My wife and I worked together over the next few weeks as time allowed putting it together. We had it finished before any winter weather set in, and our granddaughter sure was happy.

(By the way, my wife and I enjoy doing things together. It’s a great way to keep on being best friends.)

For Christmas that year, I put lights on the Lifetime Adventure Tower instead of on our house. Not only was it easier and cheaper, but the kids loved it!

Why we bought the Lifetime Adventure Tower

Before I retired last summer, my wife was often alone with the grandkids, and she wanted something for them to enjoy. Though our grandson was not yet old enough to fully enjoy the tower this past summer, our granddaughter sure did.

Our grandson is now two – he’ll be three this summer – and he loves being up in the tower. Of course, I hold him as he climbs up to the platform, and I keep a watchful eye on him the entire time he’s up there.

Our granddaughter, on the other hand, is now five – she’ll be six this summer – and she needs no help at all. As soon as the back door opens, she bolts to the tower and climbs up the “climbing wall”. Lately she started taking her brother’s tools up with her (you know, the plastic ones), and has fun “tightening up” all the hardware.

Here in the south we don’t have much of a winter. Earlier this week it reached 75 degrees and it’s the first week of January! Our grandkids and their mama were here, and in the course of their visit, I needed a break from the computer and our daughter needed a break from her kids.

Outside we went, just my granddaughter, grandson and me. As always, they had a blast on the tower. My grandson even decided he wanted to swing in the toddler swing we put up in place of one of the regular swings. He then, for the first time, wanted to swing in the regular swing. Naturally, I held him the entire time.

We now have a 9-week-old granddaughter who will soon be enjoying the toddler swing. Well, maybe we’ll need the Little Tikes swing this summer.

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Construction of the Lifetime Adventure Tower – you can do it!

Before you buy this or any play set, make sure you have adequate space for it.

The Lifetime Adventure Tower – space needed

Physical space
  • 16′ 2″ x 16′ 4″
Safety zone area
  • 29′ 6″ x 31′ 6″

Please click on this link to familiarize yourself with these three important matters before making a purchase:

  3. SAFE PLAY AREA (page 12)

It took my wife and me about six nights, two hours or so each night, to put the play set together. Installing the tower roof required three people, and so our son-in-law helped us with that. It took us less than an hour.

The instruction manual tells everything one needs to know to put this play set together. It also makes it clear that the play set needs to be on level, solid ground. That presented a challenge for us, but I knew that before we even bought it.

In order to install the flooring, I had to do a little extra drilling. This was not cause for me to blast Lifetime with a negative rating. I’m certain that if the play set was on level ground, installing the flooring would have gone without a hitch.

The assembly instructions are step-by-step. The hardware is packaged separately for each step. Assembly was a little challenging, but I took my time and very methodically completed each step. Each evening, as we began to run out of daylight, we stopped for the night. I would not recommend trying to assemble this in the hours of darkness.

On a side note here, the biggest challenge my wife and I faced was finding all the nuts and washers that fell in the tall, thick grass. I had all the hardware for this one particular step in a tray on a step stool. I accidentally bumped the step stool and knocked all the hardware into the lawn.

Tools needed for assembly

Relatively speaking, there aren’t that many tools needed to assemble the Lifetime Adventure Tower. If I remember correctly, we found it beneficial to have extra Allen wrenches and the open end/box wrenches on hand.

I tried three different ways to capture a screen shot of the tools needed. The images were clear until I added them to this post. Please click here to see a clear image of the tools needed for assembly, Page 1.

Features your little ones will enjoy

  • 2 Swings, 1 trapeze bar
  • Two climbing walls
  • 9-foot slide
  • Arched climber (kind of like a curved ladder)
  • Steering wheel on platform
  • Car map on platform floor (our grandkids have yet to care about it)
  • Clubhouse (the area under the upper platform)

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Pros and cons of the Lifetime Adventure Tower


Lifetime touts the following:

  • The tower has all-weather UV resistant construction. It will not crack, warp, rot or splinter.
  • The structure is free-standing. There is no need for cement.
  • It’s easy to maintain. No need for staining or painting.
  • The swing chains are coated with soft rubber to prevent pinching or snagging.
  • The clubhouse (I call it the upper platform) has a rigid hardtop roof and an impact resistant skylight (maybe I’m looking at mine wrong, but I don’t think mine has a skylight).

What I like, in addition to what Lifetime touts:

  • The Lifetime Adventure Tower looks great! Every time I come home and see it, I am so impressed with how sharp it looks.
  • The grandkids love it, which makes my wife and me happy.
  • There are rubber caps for the bolt ends that protrude through the posts.
  • I have not yet experienced anything negative with this tower, except the slide gets hot in the Texas’ summer sun (doesn’t everything?).
  • A Lifetime customer service representative replied to the single 1-star review on Amazon and to the six 1- and 2-star reviews on Lifetime’s Website, offering to resolve the issues.


  • One Amazon reviewer said her climber rusted after three years.
  • A few reviewers stated they do not like the curved climber.
  • Some reviewers said parts were missing from their order.
  • At least one reviewer cited the openings in the upper platform as a safety concern.

In each case,  a Lifetime customer service representative apologized and gave an explanation and/or offered to remedy the situation. Concerning the curved climber, the customer service representative explained that the structure meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. One reviewer commented on a review, saying his 4- and 5-year olds love climbing the climber and have no trouble with it at all.

Here are my personal comments:

  • I have not yet observed any rust or rust stains on my tower.
  • I agree that a child could fall out of one of the openings. Adult supervision is important, therefore I do not let my 2-year-old grandson on any part of this play set unless I am right there watching him.
  • We bought our Lifetime Adventure Tower at a nearby Sam’s Club. All parts were present.
  • The openings to/from the upper platform are needed for children to access the platform when they go up the climber or the climbing wall.

I asked my daughter how she felt about the climber. She said she’s OK with it as long as her daughter (5 years old) is wearing tennis shoes, not her plastic girly shoes or her Texas cowboy boots. Of course, that should go without saying. I had already told my granddaughter she could only go on the climber and climbing walls if she was wearing tennis shoes. So far she has obeyed, at least when I’ve been out there.

Who is the Lifetime Adventure Tower for?

The Lifetime Adventure Tower is for anyone who takes care of children ages 3-12. It’s also for children who need to get outside, have fun and be active.

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As a reminder, please click on this link to familiarize yourself with these three important matters before making a purchase:

  3. SAFE PLAY AREA (page 12)

The age recommendation for the Lifetime Adventure Tower is 3-12 years. Our granddaughter learned to climb the curved climber before she turned 4. Maybe she didn’t need close supervision, but I still stood right beside her.  Now that she is 5, I still keep an eye on her. The other day I had to tell her to go up the climber empty handed (she had plastic tools in her hands), and I taught her the 3-point safety rule used for climbing ladders (the 3-point rule is having either 2 feet and 1 hand, or 2 hands and 1 foot on the climber at all times). (To read my article on ladder safety, please click here.)

Final Thoughts

My wife and I are looking forward to many years of fun for our grandkids with the Lifetime Adventure Tower. It will keep you and your 3- to 12-year-olds active.

How about you, my friend? What’s in your back yard? How do your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, occupy themselves at your home?

I’ll await your replies and, as always, I welcome comments, questions, thoughts, feedback. Encouraging feedback is preferred. Please reply below.

All the best,

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