Retired and Loving It

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Retired for good

After serving over 32 years in law enforcement, I retired. I worked two different jobs since then just to keep busy. At the age of 59, however, I had to have surgery and did not return to work. We were now officially retired and on a fixed income.

Busier now that I’m retired

About 10 years ago my wife left the work force. She soon found herself busier than when she was working outside the home. Every time something came up, she was volunteered for it by family members to do it. After all, as they always said, “What else has she got to do?”.

Now that I’m retired, I, too, have plenty of time on my hands. My wife and I now have plenty of things to do to keep us occupied. We will never be bored.

Babysitting – there’s nothing like it

When I retired from law enforcement, we moved closer to our daughter (and son-in-law) so we could help babysit. Here we are, five and a half years later, babysitting our five-year-old granddaughter and two-year-old grandson.

Recently our son and daughter-in-law moved closer to us. We now have the privilege of babysitting their first baby – our now three-month-old granddaughter! What a blessing to see our kids and grandkids so much!

My son now works the day shift, as does out daughter-in-law. Two days a week, sometimes three, I drive over and let his dogs out and play with them a bit. I guess that falls more under dog sitting, not babysitting. Oh well!

Church – serving our Lord

When we moved closer to our daughter and son-in-law, we transferred our membership to a nearby church. We have three weekly services, along with several opportunities to go soul winning. We attend every service, and I make every effort to go soul winning twice a week, not just on Saturdays.

My wife and I help out in various other areas at church. There’s Discipleship training, money counting, the nursery, security, helping serve meals on special occasions, fixing meals for the Bible College students as needed, and making follow-up visits from time to time.

Dad, can you help me with…?

Another benefit to living close to our kids is that we get to help them with their projects. My wife helps in many areas, including cooking, gardening, painting, sewing, shopping, and whatever else moms help their daughters do.

I’ve been called upon by our daughter to help with different things.  Our daughter is a DIYer, but calls on me to help with tougher things like plumbing problems, electrical issues, car repairs, and fixing up the house they recently bought.

In the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of helping our son install a cover on the bed of his truck (that was easier than he was told it would be). The other day we changed out the rear springs on the back of his truck (that was easy once we figured out what we were doing). As time allows, we go to the gun range and out to lunch. Come hunting season, he and I will be heading out to the lease he will have this year. We might even go sooner to hunt hogs.

retired helping son with truck springs

In my spare time

As I already mentioned, my wife and I have some time to ourselves. We see to that. But when she’s babysitting, I’m at my computer blogging. Why? Because I want to keep my mind active. For me, writing doesn’t come easy. I’m a perfectionist. A few years ago I started Last year I started My primary goal was to help others by sharing my knowledge and experience, while at the same time earning enough income to pay for my Websites and tools needed for blogging.

In the last six months or so, however, I have become too busy to be able to do the necessary research for my blog posts. As a blogger, I do not want to write about safety items without being able to research the topics properly. I still enjoy blogging, so now I’m doing so as a grandpa – Papa, as my grandkids call me.

Retirement – a new chapter in life

My dad and three of his co-workers retired at the age of 50. They took advantage of an early retirement offer. My dad looked at it as a new chapter in life. He kept busy working on small engines, which he loved doing. He died 10 years later from cancer. His three co-workers died within a year of their retirement because they had nothing to occupy their time. I guess we could say they died of boredom. How sad.

Even before I retired, I stayed active

I know some people who couldn’t wait to retire so they could just sit around and “enjoy life”. Sitting around isn’t what I would call enjoying life. I stay busy, and I want to encourage you to do the same. My wife and I have several things to keep us busy. We refuse to sit around and grow old.

What about you?

Whether you’re still working or you’re retired, what are your thoughts on staying active? What activities do you enjoy doing? How do you occupy your time? What are you doing to stimulate your brain?

Thanks for being here. Please post comments or questions below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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